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Solidex Partner Program

To bootstrap the protocol and pre-seed boost power, Solidex invites all projects eligible to receive a Solidly launch NFT to join our SEX Partner program, designed to give participants in the program strictly equal or better conditions compared staying on the outside of the program.

The first 15 projects that deposit their NFT with Solidex during the boostrapping phase will:

  • gain liquid tokens (SOLIDsex) that they can easily distribute to their communities for their benefit, avoiding the need to fractionalize a single NFT into smaller pieces and create illiquid markets for these
  • earn a proportional share of the SEX protocol token in addition to the SOLIDsex
  • earn more fees from the Solid protocol
  • receive unique down-vote protection for pools that are important to them

The SEX Partner program is characterized by the following functionality, outlined in more detail below:

  • SEX INTENSIFIES: Partner protocols will share a minimum of 10% of the total SEX supply
  • ADVANCE SEX: Partner protocols will receive a pre-mint of SEX on launch
  • SEX IN PERPETUITY: Following the advance sex, partners will earn a share of all SEX in perpetuity (every time 10 SEX are minted, 1 SEX will be shared between participating protocols)
  • CONTRACEPTION: Up to two gauges of a partner's choosing are protected from being down-voted by negative votes from other Solidex users

SEX Partners: Bootstrapping the protocol

Once the Solid launch NFTs have been minted, recipient protocols can deposit immediately into Solidex to become SEX Partners. This offer is available for the first 15 projects who deposit their NFTs, and will only be offered for a brief period and only until Solidly emissions begin.

SEX intensifies

SEX Partners are allocated SEX tokens based on their share of the total veSOLID that is deposited into Solidex during bootstapping. For each project becoming a partner, the total amount of SEX partner share increases starting from 10% of the total supply and maxing out at 15% Advance SEX At launch, Solidex partners will receive an initial SEX allocation immediately available without vesting. The exact amount of pre-minted SEX will depend on how many Sex Partners join, but the target is to pre-mint roughly 10% worth of 3 months SEX emission at launch. This means that Partners receive a SEX head start and can direct voting to gauges of their choice and SEX lock early. This is an advance of future SEX emissions.

SEX in perpetuity

As previously announced, for each 4.2069 SOLID that is earned by the Solidex LPs, 1 SEX is minted to the LPs. When this happens, SEX Partners are paid a share of SEX equivalent to their allocation from the NFT deposit, in perpetuity. So as an example, if Project X received a 2.52% allocation during bootstrapping, they will be earning 2.52% of every SEX token directly as it gets minted. At first, this is used to pay of the SEX advance, and after that it is allocated to partners immediately once it is minted and immediately claimable.

Become a SEX Partner

If your protocol has an NFT, please reach out to @basmag0x on Telegram and become on of the 15 SEX Partners to earn SEX and voting power in perpetuity. Some have already been announced, with more to follow shortly.


Terms outlined are subject to change to accommodate any modifications Solidly makes to their token, launch, and protocol specifics prior to launch.