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How to join

This page describes how to join the Solidex partnership program, including deadlines and eligibility requirements, how to make the NFT deposit, what happens after the deposit has been made, and how to vote in the first round of emissions.

Eligibility & Deadlines

The Solidex partner program is open for any project that has received one of the 25 launch NFTs used to bootstrap Solidly. To confirm their place as a Solidex partner, projects must deposit their NFT into Solidex before the following deadlines:

Early partner deadline

Feb 23 00:00:00 UTC

Final partner deadline

Mar 09 00:00:00 UTC

Limited availability

The program is restricted to the first 15 projects that deposit their NFT, first come first served.

Depositing the NFT

Take the following steps in order to deposit the NFT and finalize your position as a Solidex partner.


Depositing is a one-way action that is non-reversible.

Make sure there is no pending vote

In Solidly, NFTs that have been used in gauge votes that are still pending are non-transferable. If you want to become a Solidex partner, you should not vote beforehand. Instead you will be able to vote for the first round of emission using the Solidex protocol, after you have deposited the NFT. Read more below.

If you already have voted for a gauge in Solidly, you can undo this action by "unvoting". After this, you should be able to deposit the NFT in Solidex.

Using the website

  1. Visit the Partner section of the Solidex website.
  2. Connect your wallet. If you are using a Fantom safe, you can use WalletConnect.
  3. Select your NFT from the drop-down menu, and choose "Convert NFT".

Interacting directly with the smart contract

  1. The partner contract is called SexPartner.sol
  2. A deposit is made by sending the NFT to SexPartner.sol, calling safeTransferFrom(_from, _to, token_id) on Solidly's deployed veNFT contract specifying SexPartner.sol as the recipient (to_) of the NFT.
How to obtain token_id?<YOUR WALLET ADDRESS>

Claiming the tokens

Partners can SOLIDsex and SEX tokens in exchange for their deposit. These tokens are claimable following the expiry of the Early Partner deadline. Partners joining after this date, until the final partner deadline, will be able to claim tokens immediately.

Using the website

  1. Visit the Partner section of the Solidex website.
  2. Claim SOLIDsex and SEX tokens in the UI

Interacting directly with the smart contract

Early Partners can claim SEX and SOLIDsex tokens by calling the method earlyPartnerClaim in SexPartner.sol from the address that deposited the NFT. This method is available when earlyPartnerDeadline has expired. Tokens are sent to the address that makes the call to earlyPartnerClaim, i.e. the depositing address.

Voting on the first SOLID emission

There will be a window of 24 hours for partners to vote on the first Solidly emissions before start on February 24. Once partners have claimed their SEX tokens, they will be able to lock them in Solidex and vote for the gauges of their choosing.


All votes on Solidly gauges before February 24 are treated equally. It makes no difference whether votes come in on February 17, 20, or 23 as long as it happens prior to the voting deadline.