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Staking SOLIDsex

Converting your SOLID tokens or your veSOLID NFT into SOLIDsex and staking it on Solidex for rewards.

Staking SOLIDsex


Remember, this process is irreversible. You will not be able to convert SOLIDsex back into SOLID tokens using Solidex, although there may be liquid markets to trade SOLIDsex back into SOLID.

Step by step

  1. Navigate to the "Convert SOLID" tab

  2. Pick "SOLID NFT" or "SOLID Token"

  3. Select your "SOLID NFT" or enter the quantity of SOLID tokens you would like to convert to SOLIDsex. If it is your first time using the platform, you will have to approve your SOLID NFT/SOLID tokens for use with the contract by pressing the "Approve" button. After that transaction has confirmed, you can press the "Convert NFT" or "Convert Tokens" button to convert your SOLID to SOLIDsex.

  4. After having converting your SOLID veNFT or SOLID tokens into SOLIDsex, you can then proceed to stake them stake them on Solidex.