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Architecture Overview


FeeDistributor.solHandles claiming fees and bribes earned by SEX lockers.
LpDepositor.solStores the Solidex veNFT and handles core logic for farming Solidly.
LpDepositToken.solERC-20 that is deployed for every gauge that is deposited into. Typical deposit receipt as a token wrapper.
SexPartners.solAllows launch NFT recipients to bootstrap Solidex by depositing their NFTs to become partners.
SolidexVoter.solHandles voting on SOLID emissions to Solidly gauges.
StakingRewards.solStake SOLIDsex and claim rewards, a minimal mod of the SNX rewards contract.
Token.solSEX token. Standard ERC-20 contract.
TokenLocker.solHandles locking of SEX token in multiple locks of 1-16 weeks.
VeDepositor.solERC-20 with extra functionality that mints SOLIDsex if it receives SOLID or a veNFT.
Whitelister.solTokenizes the Solidly whitelisting process into an ERC-20.

Use case Diagram


This is a non-exhaustive list, focused on human actors and use cases.

use case diagram