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Solidex Tokenomics

SOLIDsex token

1 SOLIDsex is minted for every 1 veSOLID locked in the protocol, this is a constant 1:1 representation.

SEX token

LPs are compensated with SEX rewards at a rate of 4.2069:1, meaning that for every 4.2069 SOLID earned by the LPs, they receive 1 SEX. As a result, SEX emissions follow the uncapped emission of SOLID, and will decrease as SOLID emissions slow down.

Every time SEX is minted, its allocation is as follows:

Liquidity Providers66.5%
SOLIDsex Stakers3.5%
Solidex Team20%
NFT Partners10%*

* Depending on the amount of initial partners, this allocation may go up to 15%, upon which the table will change slightly.

SEX advance

Just before the launch of Solidly emissions, there will an advance allocation of SEX tokens to Partners, corresponding to 10% of their deposited NFT's veSOLID amount. This is an advance of tokens. The partner contract calculates how much SEX each partner is owed based on the total supply that was minted, less the supply minted for partners. Only once the amount owed exceeds the advance paid, partners are able to mint more SEX.

There is no other initial allocation, or vesting of SEX tokens. The team only earns SEX tokens if the protocol is being used and is earning SOLID.